F-4E’s in 1978  (II)

Two F-4E “Phantoms”, 74-1054 and 74-1049, taking off into the bright morning sunlight of a brand new day (Thursday August 18, 1978).

F-4E 74-0656 just made an arrested landing by using it’s tail-hook. In the picture we see the lowered arresting hook on the cable of the arresting

gear. Probably this was just an exercise on a quiet Summer’s day in 1978.

Same F-4E 74-0656, rolling out after landing on Thursday May 18, 1978.     1978 Would be the last year we could see “Phantoms” of 32nd T.F.S.

landing like this, because on August 4th. the very first F-4E’s left for Ramstein A.B. in Germany, never to return again.  The aircraft in the picture

above, 74-0656 (together with 74-1046) left Soesterberg A.B. on October 6th.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photos: C. Vermolen.