32nd Fighter Squadron V

F-4E ‘529’ on it’s way to the runway, carrying a ‘Dart Aerial Gunnery Target’.       For quite a while this was

done by F-4E’s from Ramstein A.B.  The dart was winched out and the other college-fighters had to hit this

target by using their 20 mm. nose-cannon.  Also the near misses were registrated by a microphone.  At the

end of the mission, the dart was parachuted back to earth and the data could be analised. Note the centre-

line tank that was needed, because the dart was on the left pylon (and the aircraft had to stay up for quite

a long time).                                                                                                                          Soesterberg, May 21, 1975.

This is the Dart-retainer

              and winch from


(Of course)  this picture

was taken just after the


New Features and New “Phantoms”

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When we look at the wing edge, behind the slat, we’ll see another new feature: a television camera with 

zoom-lens for long-range identification of targets (TISEO). This (and more) were the latest features of a

new wave of “Phantoms” in 1976. This picture was taken in 1978.

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More about the F-4E’s of 32nd T.F.S.

Looking at an F-4E from a higher point of view.

Note the camouflage pattern of the fueltank and the E.C.M. (Electronic Counter Measures)-pod underneath

the aircraft. On the right the insignia of the 17th Air Force with Head Quarters at Sembach A.B. (Germany).

                                                                                                                                               Soesterberg, April 19, 1978.

F-4E’s, 74-0657 and 74-1052, 

taking off from runway. 09 at

Soesterberg A.B.

Soesterberg, Monday May 22, 1978.


Nice close-up of the cockpit-

compartments with crew, of

a 32nd. T.F.S. F-4E.

                     Soesterberg, 1975.


In 1978 Camp New Amsterdam awaited a new type of jet fighter: the F-15A “Eagle”. The F-4E “Phantom” pilots left for the U.S. to make the

conversion to the F-15.  On September 13, 1978  eighteen F-15 “Eagle” fighters from the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing ( Langley A.F.B.), landed

at Soesterberg A.B.   Amongst them were the first two “Eagles” (77-0074 and 77-0075) for the 32nd T.F.S. wearing the ‘CR’ code on the tail.  The “Eagles” from Langley A.F.B. (code: ‘FF’) stayed for about three months.   By the end of 1978 the conversion of the crew was completed.

Final year for the F-4E’s 
of 32nd T.F.S.

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